André Richard Schulze


Full Name: Andre Richard Schulze SPECIAL: He is gay
Age: 24 DOB: October 12th
Height: 5’10 Weight: 178 lbs
Hair: LENGTH/STYLE: His hair is short and very fixed COLOR: Dark brow
Eye Color: Brown eyes Skin: TONE: Tanned…. White….
SCARS/BIRTHMARK: A small scar on his abdomen from pendectomy ...
Country of Origin: USA
Family: PARENTS: Richard Walter Schuelze (DECEASED) Alisson Clary Shuelze (DECEASED)
Personality: Kind, sweet, and smart, a little shy, quiet, loves travels alone, but also likes spend times with friends, he is very into his business, businessman...
Quote: "Never mind, Forget about it." "Don't overthink things, just let it go." "Sometimes I pretend to be normal but it gets boring so I go back to being me"
Friends: Alison Clary Davis (Alive)
LOVES: Roger Walker; ex (ALIVE);
Blood Type: B
Likes: Classic music, traveling, reading and make new recipes to his business... comedy movies, drink wine, dancing
and shopping
DISLIKES: Violence in general and no have someone to spend time with... Appears in:
DESCRIBED AS: Despite of being a sweet guy he also is a energic guy when things don't like him.... He knows he's handsome and use it to flirt, he always is very well dressed and likes take care of his image , cause he is owner of "Sweet Cherry Bar"
TONES USED MOST OFTEN: Teased, whined, laughed, murmured, spat, snapped, hissed, whispered, neered…
Part of: SCHOOL: N
ORGANIZATION: Sweet Cherry Bar   STATUS: (Owner)
KEY MOMENTS IN PAST: He was born in USA but his father is from Germany... His parents were murder when he was a kid... he was raised for his uncle and aunt....
KEY MOMENTS IN STORY: He knew he was gay when had 14 but until 18 years old he coming out... He uncle don't take so good the news, learning to cook from his aunt.
At his 20, falls in love for the first time ever with Roger, whom he had a relationship of two years they separated because Roger's family had problems accepting him…

Alisson Clary Davis

Alisson Clary Davis

Full Name: Alisson Clary Davis
SPECIAL: Model and photograph
Age: 25
DOB: July 8th
Height: 5’9 Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: LENGTH/STYLE: short and straight
COLOR: Light brown
Eye Color: Hazel eyes Skin: TONE: White
Country of Origin: USA
Family: PARENTS: Jhon Davis (Alive) Kate Hawkins (Alive)
SIBLINGS: Lauren Davis (Alive) Peter Hawkins(Alive)
Personality: Rebel, enthusiastic, optimistic, lonely she is afraid of commitment…
QUOTES: "So you like me because I can think like a rebel, but I act like a good girl?”
“Back off, boys. You don’t really want mess with a rebel girl like me” “If I care about you, means that there is anything that I can not do for you”
Friends: Andre Richard Schuelze.
LOVES: Billy Blade Smith
Blood Type: A
Likes: Traveling, Take photos, adrenaline, dancing and shopping
DISLIKES: commitment
DESCRIBED AS: She thinks is a rebel girl, she appears to be a strong a independent woman but she really feel very lonely.... She used a cool, fresh and relax and very natural look....
TONES USED MOST OFTEN: Sexy, laughed, murmured, joke
Part of: SCHOOL: N
KEY MOMENTS IN PAST: Her parents divorced when she was 6.... she's the older sister.... her mother married with another man… the divorce of her parents changes her whole life…
KEY MOMENTS IN STORY: When was 16 she realized she want to be a model... She made a casting for a agency since then her being traveling for the world....